Welcome! My name is Miles Kenney-Lazar, I'm a Doctoral Candidate in the
Graduate School of Geography. This site showcases my research interests and academic work. Detailed descriptions of my research interests, my teaching philosophy and portfolio, samples of my work, and a copy of my academic CV can all be found throughout the site.

My research focuses on the political economy of nature-society relations, particularly related to the production and extraction of biophysical resources across the Global South. I employ geospatial (remote sensing, GIS) methodologies as well as qualitative, ethnographic fieldwork to examine these problems. My current dissertation project is specifically focused on the governance of land access and livelihood impacts related to large-scale, cross-border tree plantation investments in the Southeast Asian, socialist country of Laos. The project is partly funded by a Graduate Research Fellowship from the National Science Foundation. As a side project, I am also conducting research on the financialization of recent, large-scale land investments in the Global South.